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I have been obsessed with all things voice since the earliest days of childhood when I would plan weekly voice and piano recitals for my family to attend in our living room. Mix in amazing teachers, four degrees, many performances, voice science, technology, research, and teaching over 25,000 voice lessons, and bam! 

I am an assistant professor of music (voice and voice pedagogy) at Coastal Carolina University, near the sunny, southeast city of Myrtle Beach, SC. 

I'm Amelia, 
Dr. Rollings Bigler,
or simply, ARB. 

hi y'all!


Dr. Rollings Bigler will serve PAVA as president-elect (2022-2023), president (2023-2025), and past-president (2025-2026).


Dr. Rollings Bigler named president of the
Pan American Vocology Association!

After the National Association of Teacher's of Singing chat in October 2022, Dr. Rollings Bigler, Dr. Ware, and 18 other voice teachers established the new NATS Group-Voice Pedagogy Affinity Group. The group now has over 90 members! 

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Dr. Amelia Rollings Bigler and Dr. Clifton Ware establish new affinity group for NATS!

august 2023

august 2022

Recent News

Dr. Amelia Rollings Bigler receives the 2023-2024 Edwards College of Humanities and Fine Arts Distinguished Teaching Award at Coastal Carolina University! 

May 2024

After working with Amelia, I feel confident singing everything from legit musical theatre to long sets of pop/rock. I have been working with Amelia for over three years and she still helps me grow vocally, musically, stylistically, and artistically in every lesson.

christina daves

"Working with Amelia improved not only my ability to efficiently sing in any genre, but my teaching and overall confidence as well. My students saw immediate improvement due to the teaching tools I received in our pedagogy lessons. 

amy canchola

"Amelia's passion and knowledge for all things voice blows my mind. She developed a clear system and personalized framework for understanding and accessing my voice. Studying with her has been the best decision I have ever made for my voice and career!

charlie tingen

Technique = Freedom.

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